Thursday, February 21, 2008

Les Mis

Thanks to this guy, I got to go see opening night of Les Mis at Marriott Theater Lincolnshire. To be honest, I was dreading having to go. I've seen this musical a few times in my life. I know pretty much every word, staging, that the first act is almost 2 hours on its own, and that everyone dies in the end.

I think Les Mis does better on a big stage, scaled big because it's so melodramatic and epic. However, I was pleasantly surprised with this little production. It had some great actors in it who had some great voices. The entire production was scaled down for the space very nicely.

Instead of focusing on special effects and a lush full sound, it focused on the story. The through lines of all of the characters, even the small ones, where fully developed. I noticed things I hadn't seen before, and really got to know all of the individuals on stage. It was nice that time was spent on the scenes between songs and the story that each song told.

After the show, we went to the after party for wine and food. I saw lots of people I knew there, and got to meet some people who I'd like to know. I had some wine, spring rolls, and chocolate covered strawberries. Seriously, what could be bad? Nothing.

I love theatre. I should probably keep doing it.

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William said...

I'm floored: Hedy likes it!