Friday, November 30, 2007

A Night Out: A Post of Links

On Wednesday after work, I got a haircut. That is always fun because I love the guy who cuts it, and I feel like a rock star right afterwards. I drove downtown to the Apollo Theater to see The Sparrow with this guy I met through theatre stuff. My family had two free tickets from an auction somewhere so free plays are always great! The show was really innovative, some very good acting, some okay acting, and some Sufjan inspired original music. At intermission I ran into a few people from Cherubs, which is always fun. Everyone sorta keeps up with everyone which is great because it's all theatre networking stuff.

After the show we headed to i.O. to see "TJ and Dave." Since we had some time to kill we got a beer at Bar Louie next door. I wish I remembered the name of the beer we had cause it was like a better version of a Blue Moon. We sat down and the place was pretty packed. We ordered Duvel, which I didn't really like all that much. It kinda tasted like a more bitter, richer Hoegaarden.

The show was pretty funny, but more importantly Jeff Garlin sat right behind me! I had heard that he was going to be there, and I had just listened to him on the radio that morning. He laughed his distinct laugh through the whole show, and it made it all that much better. Afterwards I told him that I saw him and his movie at the Musicbox and how much I enjoyed it. He seemed genuinely touched that I like his film. So whether or not he did, he was still very nice.

Overall, the night was theatre and beer-filled and it was great. It was also 15 degrees and that sucked.

Thursday, November 29, 2007


Okay here are the results:

Sorry these polls have been lame. This blog has become a bit of an after thought lately. I am hoping to catch-up a bit tomorrow.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

DSG: Reviews

Mostly positive reviews:
TimeOut Chicago

Not-so-positive reviews:
Chicago Critic
Chicago Tribune

This Month... a nutshell:

*Set-up Michelle and my co-worker to great success
*Was flown out to California for a screen test
*Got sick
*Opened my show to some very nice reviews
*Got better slowly
*Doing a podcast with the cast for
*Working a billion hours
*Auditioning a few times
*Had a nice Thanksgiving with just my immediate family
*Saw some old friends who were in town
*Finished Season 2 of "The Office" and am halfway through Season 3
*Got a new larger internal HD on my computer, installed Leopard and downloaded new iChat video backgrounds
*Updated my website

Monday, November 19, 2007

Meet My Boyfriend:

...alright, alright. We all know he's not my boyfriend. However, he maybe should be. He is jewish and has a cooking show called "Good Deal with Dave Lieberman." Hahaha. Of course us Jews have the only cooking show on The Food Network about saving money. Way to perpetuate stereotypes. Awesome.

Seriously, though, he is hot. I think he has a good body under there too. He cooks, he's jew, he seems really sweet, and he's smart (went to Yale). So, basically, if anyone could set me up on a date, or just arrange our wedding, that would be awesome. Cool. Thanks guys.

Saturday, November 17, 2007


Bah-humbug! I must have caught something from the four planes I have been on in the last day and a half... or maybe it was from the Motel 6. Ah well, either way, I am on a Z-pak. As of now, I don't feel any better. Maybe it takes more than six hours to kick-in, but I really need to not be sick.

Tonight my show opens, and there are gonna be reviewers and people on the Jeff committee there. I hope people in my show don't do stupid stuff to make their performance "better." I don't know what people will think of the show actually. Last night's audience seemed to really enjoy it, and the director seems super happy with it as well.

Who knows. I have a feeling the reviews will mostly be about the play itself and not the production. Then it will say that it was a nice ensemble, that had some melodramatic acting but funny parts as well.

Anyways, here I go!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Well, look at that! The sexy costume still prevails. Alright, I'm going out of town for a day or two and then my show opens, so I may be gone for a bit. Details to come.

Friday, November 9, 2007


Sometimes I love people, too! As in, someone who does something totally unselfish and saves you from a panic attack. ::PHEW:: Seriously, I love people, and this is what I look like now:

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Ya Know?

Ya know when you are trying to figure something out or having a hard time with something? Then do ya know when those people you can just barely tolerate say things to you about the former? Then ya know when you just want to punch them in the face, and tell them to SHUT THE FUCK UP and LEAVE ME ALONE? Then ya know when you don't do that and you are just silent and go home to cry? Yeah. Ya know.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Lars and the Real Girl

I was tempted to see this movie, from the get-go. It was hard to tell the style of the movie from the previews, so I knew it would either be 100% great or 100% mediocre. Luckily for me, it was the former.

The acting and story telling are full and rich. It moves fast enough to stay a step ahead of you, but allows enough time to develop the characters. You care for everyone in movie, even Bianca (the life-sized doll).

What's nice about this movie is it allows you to laugh at the situation and not feel bad about it. You are encouraged to laugh with the characters and not at them which makes them even more endearing. It's not a shallow plot, but one with deep family and self-worth issues at its heart. I don't want to give too much away, but the ending is satisfying and the doll isn't just a gimmick for a movie. I would encourage you to see this.

A to the S grade: A
Teacher Comments: You excelled in story telling and creating lovable characters in your movie. The mood of the piece is just right. You can laugh and cry and you never take yourself too seriously. I feel that the movie would have failed without that delicate balance. Great work.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Last Days of October - PART 1

Okay so I went last minute to a costume store and I decided to buy this ladybug costume:(-minus the fishnets, boots, and sluty blonde... +plus leggings and a short-sleeve leotard)

We went to McFadden's which was fun and packed. I had work in the morning, so I couldn't drink too much or stay out too late. Luckily my friends aren't big drinkers so we all had a good time together. There were a ton a girls in short dresses and guys in creepy costumes and everyone was making-out with everyone else. I think I needed to be more drunk to participate in the night's festivities. Ah, Halloween... good times.

Last Days of October - PART 2

So from my experience at McFadden's, I decided that wings are the most annoying accessory to a Halloween costume. And so I began my search for a wingless creation for Wednesday. I decided to make myself into a blue nano, and I got as far as making the wheel and buying the blue clothing, but my boobs made a flat screen kinda difficult. As I began making darts in my gray felt screen, a friend suggested I get a green cardigan and reuse my ladybug costume and go as a watermelon...Brilliant! So I bought a green cardigan at Target and headed down to meet-up with the cast of my show. We dressed up as Charlie Brown characters from "The Great Pumpkin":

I was the ghost with lots of holes cut into the sheet. We marched in the parade and handed out bubble gum cards with our characters on them to advertise for the show. Lots of fun costumes and fire and loud people. It was a great thing to do on a Wednesday night.

When we all met back-up, some bitch spilled her red wine into the bag that had my halloween costume (including the sweater I had JUST bought) in it. She didn't apologize or ask to help me. In fact, she was rude to me about it. The weird thing was there were only eight people or so at this chill apartment party, and no one had anything to drink yet. So, she was just a bitch who ruined my costume.

She must have felt selfconscious about it because five minutes later she stormed out in a huff. After drinking and eating candies, we watched the finale of South Park's "Imagination Land" episode. Then I met-up with some college friends at a bar for a beer and burgers. Overall, a successful Halloween week.