Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Just Venting

A Small Bit of Background:

So I am replacing someone for the last weekend on a new musical. I've known about this since January. No one provide a schedule of when I should attend, or when my rehearsals would be. I showed up to one of the music rehearsals to learn the music, and then to one where they were supposed to be doing choreography. They ended up doing character work... which was awkward since I was supposed to participate with the group. Then I was called and told not to attend rehearsals in fear of making the other girl feel uncomfortable as she developed her character. All I wanted to do was sit in the back and watch.

So as the show got closer, I asked the director (there is no stage manager) when I would get rehearsals with the cast, or choreographer or be able to go over the music. He informed me that I might get one rehearsal the week of the weekend I am supposed to perform. I wrote an e-mail to him explaining that that was not enough. Especially since:
A.) I've been not allowed in on the process at all.
B.) I'm closing their show, performing 4 times.
C.) It's a 6 part harmony 2 hour show with dancing.

He told me I would get 2 rehearsals with the cast the week of the show, and that he would work with me on music or anything else once the show opened. So that was all I was gonna get.

Since then, I actually got to do a run... their first full run, at tech because the other girl had to leave. I did it on book, as not to mess anybody up, and because I was told 20 minutes before that I was needed to fill-in.

That is the gist of the situation.

I went with the director, who also happens to be the musical director and pianist (that's another story all together) to pick out a costume. In the end, I told him I had some clothes that I thought would work, and I would bring them to my rehearsals. He told me to bring them earlier because he "might" not be able to be at my rehearsals... this means no music. I asked how I would work on the music, and he said "CDs, karaoke style." WTF!?! I told him that this was NOT okay. He told me how this has been so hard, and all of these things are going on (including that fact that he was cast in some show out-of-state, which he would be missing my rehearsals for), and that we just need to make it work. We left on not the best of terms. Ten minutes later he did call to tell me that he would be at my rehearsals.

So I'm glad he will be there, but as usual, I feel bad about going in to work. I feel like an inconvenience to everyone, and I want to feel good about doing this show. Long story short, I'm stressed out and this didn't help.

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Michelle said...

This situation is so ghetto and completely unprofessional. Ugh. Just think of the money and count down the days 'til it's over!