Monday, January 21, 2008

ChiTown Fun

I had a fun audition on Saturday at Actor's Equity. It was about 4 degrees outside, but I found parking right in front of the building. The audition went well, and everyone was very nice. So, nothing too much to complain about.

After the audition, I met up with this dude for dinner and a movie. We ate at this kitschy noodles place in Wrigelyville that had pretty decent food, and a bathroom wallpapered in peez dispensers. After buying him a CD for his birthday at Best Buy, and looking through books at Borders, we saw this French flick (review below) at the Landmark Theatre. Everything ended up being sold out that night, but we were early enough to get tickets and good seats.
This movie was based on a woman's life which she made into some epic comics. She was born in Iran and moved in her teenage years to Germany and France and back and forth from Iran. The style of the movie is beautiful, and the stories are really interesting. I wish it had been fleshed out or edited even more to make the flow of the movie more cohesive.

A to the S grade:
Teacher Comments: Beautiful animation, and heart-warming stories. It was an excellent rough draft, so let's do some good editing before turning it in as your final.
After the movie, I droppped Wes off at home to go do an improv show and headed to the South Loop. I met up with a friend and we went grocery shopping, and then to his friend's place. Their place was awesome. We baked some brie, made a cake, and played some guitar hero. I stayed out til 9AM and then went straight to work. Partying like a rock star... or a nerd... dunno which.

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