Monday, July 16, 2007

Oma and Opa

My Opa went into the hospital yesterday thinking he had a heart attack. The tests showed that he didn't and was okay except for a high level of some enzyme. He had an angiogram and he should be coming home today. It was all a little scary because he is 90 years old and has a pacemaker. However, I wasn't too nervous because I had a feeling he would be A-OK.

My Oma is supposed to go into back surgery this week, but her test came back saying she was a high EKG reading... or something. So now she has to go in to the hospital to see what they will do.

It's been hard watching my grandparents health decline rapidly over the last few years. They've talked to me about it and it sounds so frustrating. They are totally lucid and my Opa is still funny and quick. He can't drive anymore, and they have to rely on everyone for everything. I think they are scared. I am scared for them too.


-William said...

All these pictures are lovely.

Oma & Opa are in my prayers. Kisses.

Michelle said...

Beautiful pictures. They look so in love. I'll pray for them and for you!