Monday, July 9, 2007

One Show I Won't Be Doing

Well, that was a doomed audition from the start. I guess it was a self-fulfilling prophecy somewhat. I was surprised I was called back for Beth, as I didn't sing anything like that in the audition. I am more of an Amy or Jo.

Anyway, I was thrilled to be called back at all, but super nervous as I wasn't confident in that singing that role. I was feeling good last night, but still I felt a disconnect from the material. I have a very good instinct about what roles I am good for, and I was not getting any vibes from this.

So at the audition, I went in and my breathing was not there. I had to take odd catch breaths and some notes sounded gravely... mostly because I am exhausted and so is my voice. Anywho, it's over with now and at least I got a callback with all those people who sounded really great.

I also met a very nice girl who is playing Jo right now somewhere else. I couldn't believe there are genuinely nice people like that out there still. Although we were both called for Beth she offered me her headband when mine broke, and wanted to come see my show. It pretty much made the whole trip worth it - to know that humanity is essentially good at heart.

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-William said...

You're an Amy...or Meg ;-)

::cough cough:: You could definitely play our Red Lunged favorite little woman.

Not today, Little One, but soon!