Wednesday, July 25, 2007


So Tuesday has come and gone with no posting. Sorry to my fans.

What to post about...I am in love with Christian Bale. It all began back when Newsies made it's way into my life back in 1992. It's nice that he is also a pretty good actor and in some pretty great movies: Newsies, Batman Begins, The Prestige, and Little Women. So, that's about it... I love him.

In real life news: things are going well. I am always nervous to report that because then things tend to go not as well. I have some auditions, and some callbacks coming up... yeah! I have been spending more time with people from work and my show, a.k.a. "making friends." The show has settled in a bit, and work is moving at a nice pace. I am putting myself out there, as far as dating goes, and that seems to be working out nicely as well.

Also, the Pioneer Press is doing a story on me. Crazy. The guy I talked to from the paper was super nice, and LOVES the Peanuts. So look for the Pioneer Press for my story next week, and the Reader for another review tomorrow. That's all I got time for, for now.

1 comment:

Michelle said...

1. You forgot American Psycho, where hot Christian Bale + serial killing = one very sexually frustrated Michelle

2. Anna! A story on you??? That's so cute! You're famous!

...Will you autograph my boobs?

3. You should make an entry on turning gays straight. Keep working on this, I have faith in you.

4. Additionally, I am drunk right now.