Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hot Mess

Hot Mess a.k.a. Britney Spears. About two minutes ago, I saw the VMA opening. This reminded me of the drag queens in the drag show I recently saw. Was she hung over or drunk? She just marked through the whole thing, and barely even did the lip syncing. She had no energy, and her ratty hair didn't help her out at all.

I'm not writing about this to diss on Britney Spears. I am just confused as to who saw that and thought it was worth putting on the air. It was boring and sad. Someone really needed to do her a favor and not let her perform. I mean it was cruel. They just exploited how much of a disaster she is now for ratings. Sad.

It's weird to watch MTV, the station I used to watch all the time in high school, and think how stupid it is. The people on the shows are my age. When I was younger it must have been cool to see the older people doing all that grown-up stuff. Now that I am that age, I realize it's all the stupid people that are on those shows. It's like when you grow too old to be the kids that Nickelodeon is talking to in their commercials. You are the adult that thinks kids don't know anything and can't do anything.

When I was a young kid, I thought I could do anything, and didn't get why adults were so negative. Well, we aren't negative, just realistic. Maybe we need some of that optimism though. Whether Nickelodeon was marketing to kids for financial reasons or to hold up some greater ideal to change the world, I think they were on to something.


Michelle said...

I was so embarrassed for her. However, as much as I despise MTV, this performance could have gone over enormously in her favor if she hadn't sucked. I feel like the execs were like "Gee, it would be awesome if Britney gave a rockin', career-changing performance at the VMAs...but I guess even if she sucks, people will still watch. It's win-win." They get ratings either way.

The whole "Britney Spears is a mess" thing has been going on for several years now; it was hilarious at first, but now it's just gotten old. The world is ready for a Britney comeback, and this totally could have happened had she looked hot and delivered a performance that didn't look like she was sleepwalking and on drugs. Much to my dismay, the days of the VMAs opening with a hot Britney Spears tongue-kissing Madonna are over. I think she's done.


j.a. said...


you assholes