Sunday, August 26, 2007

Too Much

Read what you will...


So lot's of stuff happened, which I don't really want to take the time to write about. I will let my travel buddy blog it and I will link to it. Basically, though, we saw some plays, friends, and people who are doing well in the theatre world.

On the way back, Chicago decided to have tornadoes. This meant that planes were canceled. So when they started to run again, and my plane had a some problem, no one could book another flight. All flights were full with people who couldn't travel the day before. This meant back to the city for the night and catching a later flight the next day.

I got back just in time to eat, receive frantic phone calls, and shower to get ready for my best friend's bachelorette party. Her parents surprised her with a limo, which was awesome for everyone. We drank champagne in the limo, danced to B96, and headed down to Dick's Last Resort.

The restaurant was a lot of fun. The waiter was cute and dumb. The food was pretty good. They do lots of stupid stuff for the bachelorette like condoms that inflate in her drink, stupid hats, and announcements. People also throw paper napkins at each other at this place. It was funny for the first five minutes. There was a kid who was throwing paper napkins at us the entire night. He was too young to understand that now it was just rude. He threw them in front of our pictures and in our drinks. Bastard. There was also a band, and they were really fun. They also were so loud we couldn't hear ourselves speak, which made paying the bill an event.

We hopped in a cab and went to the Baton Club. I never was excited to see a drag show, and after seeing this one... I was right. It was so boring and degrading to me. We sat and watched obese men who dressed up and lip synced to popular songs. There were maybe seven of them. Five of them just stood and lip synced as people lined up to give them dollar bills. They collected them and provided no show. I didn't get it. They literally stood there, no energy, and almost no movement. A majority seemed angry at the world, which the drunk ladies thought was an act. Their jokes were not funny and their lives made me sad. One 'girl' however, was an awesome performer and a trained dancer. She, of course, made the most money.

After seeing an obese Cher, a Whitney medley, and ordering our two drink minimum we left. We took a cab to Bootleggers. This club looks like a pub, and was packed. There were a lot more guys than girls there. Everyone was dancing to get guys to look at them, and they were. I really didn't enjoy dancing with every lonely dirty guy staring at me. We were like a free show for them. It was worse than performing at the Baton Club, because we didn't get paid.

One of my friends was determined to get guys to buy her all her drinks. This turned into something that goes against the core of my being. She would go dance for a minute with whatever creepy-ass guy was looking at her and asked him for a beer. The first guy bought her one, and she came back after 'losing him.' However, he found her and was trying to dance all up on her. It was disgusting. It was like prostitution. Anyway, she somehow got him to go after twenty minutes of this seriously sleazy guy staring at her dance and following her.

Through out the night she would go dance with every guy in the bar just to get a drink. Literally dancing and flirting for beer. She pulled me a few times to go do the same, but I declined. The bachelorette, herself, kept trying to 'find me a guy.' This made me so angry. I don't need anyone to get me guy. Find me a guy for what? I meaningful relationship that starts in this dive bar?

A) I don't like to dance... especially with strange guys
B) I don't want to make-out with strange men... especially the seedy, old guys at this bar
C) I am tired, my feet hurt, and my friends are disgusting me so leave me alone.

So I sit down with a few of the girls we are out with. I HUGE guy grabs one of the girl's ass and she pushes him away. He comes back and taps her on the shoulder. She ignores him, and he taps me. I ignore him and he wedges in-between us. He then licks two of his fingers and starts to clean his watch face in a circle. It was maybe the most revolting thing of the evening. I got up to leave, and he started to move towards me and I pushed the stool between us. Another girl saw this and said he was groping her too. I found out he also was dancing up on my friend and pushing her against the wall.

I stormed to the front where the bouncer was, and got him kicked out of the bar. What is wrong with people? Thank goodness we found a group of twenty-somethings out for a birthday. Those guys kept him away from the girls while I got help.

Okay, I have too much to say, and my brain is racing with angry thoughts, but this is already too long. Basically, my friend had a good party and a good time. I am exhausted and angry at the world. I never want to go to a drag show, or that bar again. Tonight is Patti and Audra with Will at Ravinia. That is more up my alley.

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