Friday, October 5, 2007

Drinks, Rain, and Rock n' Roll

So today I got up early and headed downtown for a cattle call for a Broadway show. When I arrived the line was so far back that I was sitting in a gas station. Luckily, my friend Laura from college was there too! We kept each other company while we waited to audition.

Then it began to rain. I ran to my car to get an umbrella for us, only to discover that I had actually cleaned it out recently. I ran into a White Hen and they didn't have any, so I bought a box of garbage bags. While draping garbage bags over myself and Laura, we handed out extra ones and made friends with the people around us. Since it was raining, the casting monitor started handing out numbers and hour chunks to return. I was number 248, and I was to be back for the 3-4PM hour, and it was currently 10:30AM.

Laura and I and our 2 new out-of-town friends piled into my car and we drove to Wishbone. We had a delicious breakfast together. We drove back to the audition place, and Laura left to get some things for work later. That left me and the 2 guys. We hopped into the bar across the street.

So we drank together, had a shot with the awesome bartender and got to know each other. When 2:00 rolled around, we closed our tab and took a walk around the block. Then we met up with Laura and we began waiting, again.

Finally we were ushered into a dance studio to wait some more. We were lined up in groups of 20 or so and made to wait in a hallway. I went in and sang, it went really well. I don't think I was the correct vocal type for the show, but at least I did a good job! We cheered each other on, and one by one we finished. None of us got a callback. We said our goodbyes, exchanged information, and were happy to have had such a nice day.

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