Wednesday, October 24, 2007


So as my last entry so beautifully illustrated, I have been making lots of small but significant mistakes lately. In case you didn't know, I hate making mistakes. I try my best to move on and learn from them, but I tend to dwell on them for days or weeks afterwards.

Recently, I think it comes from a lack of organization of my time. I waste whatever little free time I have writing a stupid blog entry, or watching a stupid TV program. I should probably be reading more plays, sleeping more, flossing more, etc. The worst part is that I only foresee my free time becoming even more scarce. I think I should take a vacation from my blog for a bit. Maybe something exciting will happen tomorrow and I will have to write about it, but otherwise I am gonna leave this puppy alone for a week or so. I will also only watch the TV shows I've pre-recorded, and I will go to the gym... maybe.


a voice from above said...

stop being crazy, relax, enjoy your life.

you don't need to read more plays to be a successful (or happy) person. or watch less tv. or shun things not theatre related.

slow down. there happens to be a whole lot of time.

Timmy D said...

Totally, it's good to reset yourself every once in a while. Step aside, reevaluate priorities and such. Mistakes are okay, but if you know that you can do particular things to avoid them, then go for it! For me, the magic trio is drinking water, eating right, and staying active. Really simple. Just make sure you have down time. Everyone needs down time.

Everyone needs to floss, too. Hmm. So it's logical then that you should devote all of your down time to flossing.