Sunday, October 14, 2007

Slightly-Less-Than-New Movies

I Want Someone To Eat Cheese With

I recently saw this movie at the Music Box and Jeff Garlin was there to give it an introduction. On my way to the ladies room he actually stopped me and said hello, and although I sorta started giggling like a sixth grade girl, it was pretty cool. So the movie...

The movie was all shot in Chicago, there were lots of great people in it, and it was pretty funny. Definitely worth seeing if it comes out on video or to movie theatres again. The plot is simple enough: Follow Jeff Garlin (James) around and see him deal with being an overweight actor in Chicago, living at home with his mom. All of the people he meets are fun and quirky, and although some of the jokes are generic the movie is not. Check out the trailer:

A to the S grade: B+
Teacher Comments: You've captured the charm of Chicago, and Chicago theatre. You did a great job creating interesting characters, and specific intereactions between them that gave this movie heart

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

This movie was recommended to me a while back, and I finally caught it on TV. I thought this movie was so clever and funny. Has anyone else seen it? Why haven't we all talked about how great it was?

Val Kilmer and Robert Downey Jr. are perfectly cast. The style is witty and self-mocking. The plot is complex, over-the-top, and tons of fun. It's a detective, action, mystery type genre with cliché yet unique twists throughout.

A to the S grade: A-
Teacher Comments: Congratulations! What a fun little movie you've made. I'm sorry more of your peers didn't support you.

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