Saturday, December 22, 2007


I recently saw John Patrick Shanley's Defiance at Next Theatre with some people from my cast. I have to say, I thought this was an early work, but it was actually brand new. What I liked so much about Doubt, was that Shanley chose to show us only the scenes that are interesting on the stage. I cannot say the same for this play. This play's plot sorta never got going, and then it ended. So basically exposition, one scene of build, small climax/ending.

The acting was good overall. The Chaplin and the Colonel were excellent. Otherwise, there was a lot of acting that involved finger pointing...literally, the pointing of a finger. I wished some of them were more in their body because it really could have made some of the scenes explosive.

The set was very smart, and conveyed the mood and time of the entire play. The transitions were also very crisp and moved the play along.

This production was very good, but the play itself just bored me.

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