Sunday, December 2, 2007

Crazy Filling Shit

Today my mom and my "aunt" Doris came to see my show. Then we all went to dinner with my dad to Maggiano's where I ate entirely too much. Then I came home and fell onto my bed to watch dumb TV while I coasted out of my food coma. So let's talk about this now:

Stupid, stupid, stupid. I knew we were in trouble from the beginning because it was on the Sci-Fi channel. However, there were some good actors in it, so I thought I'd give it a shot. Totally worthless. Lots of nerdy guys are gonna love the stupid effects, and girls dressed in latex and metal. The lines are very kitchy. It looks like it's trying to be a cult favorite, but its aesthetic is too dark/boring/flat, and there aren't enough ridiculous things to make it interestingly bad enough for that.


Wes said...

omg. that show was too bad. haha. love it.

William said...

I wanted it to be good, but Sci-Fi stamped DISASTER on it from brainless head to poisonous silver-dyed toe.