Monday, December 10, 2007


So what have I been doing? Nothing really. This blog is boring and I need to fix that. However, all I've been doing is working and doing my show and auditioning. All three have been pretty much consistently the same.

There's been some drama between cast members, but that's to be expected. Work is slow. Ali came by and met me for lunch today which was really fun. Then I ran into an old family friend of Ali's after work. Then I had adventures at Best Buy... but ended up not buying anything.

Also tonight Will came to meet me at my house. We went to Noodles n' Co. and got a free rice krispies treat, then went back to watch movies at my place.

We watched Show Business and Sweeney Todd in concert... well, we only watched the songs we know are good. It was just like being back at college. Loved it.

Ooooh! Also, Will bought me an Albee play for the holidays. I am very excited to read it! Fun night.


William said...

I had so much fun. Can't wait 'til "Company's" on PBS.

A to the S said...

Wait... is it gonna be for real? Can we get that "Wizard of Oz" w/ James Taylor thing anywhere?

Wes said...

i love yyou

William said...

Yea, for real! Just annouced a February air date.

Also, we SO need to get that concert dvd, but it ended up not being Jimmy T ... it's really Jackson Browne. D'oh!