Friday, June 15, 2007

Blondes Have More Fun?

Lots of ladies I know, especially in theatre, dye their hair. I find it hard to believe that a brunette would go to the extreme of becoming blonde. I mean, some chicks can pull it off.

I, however, never even considered going blonde. Thank goodness the costume designer for my show is trying to get me a wig.

One word: SCARY


Michelle said...

Never - ever in my life - have I wanted to go blonde. Every twenty-something girl is blonde these days anyway; it's nice to stick out at a bar as like the one natural brunette.

A to the S said...

sing it sister!

-William said...

Is it the ugly tight curled wig Kristin wore? Ick!

P.S. Those blonde renderings of you scare me. Like, nightmares. Like, you're the strange knocking sound in my house late at night. For real, my house is haunted. You'd love it.

A to the S said...

I hope you have a chain for your door! Although, that might be locking the ghosts IN!