Tuesday, June 5, 2007

X Effect

Okay, here's the new reality MTV show. Why anyone would go on this show is beyond me.

The premise: Two ex's have moved on and are in new relationships. These 2 couples decide to spend their spring break together, fully paid, with MTV cameras. However, when they show up they are told the ex's will be spending the week together, and their significant others will be going home.

The surprise: The ex's enjoy a spa, room service and each other, while "secretly" their boyfriend and girlfriend watch the whole thing from another part of the hotel. At the end they decide who they want to be with... wow.

This seems like disaster from the get go. Clearly if your significant other has any desire to spend spring break with their ex, in any capacity, there is a problem. I watched two episodes of this show, and it takes minutes for the ex's (called X's) to rekindle their old feelings. Then their boy/girlfriends (called O's) who are spying also hook-up because they feel betrayed.

The fun games: The X's wear a bracelet they think is used like a credit card, but really it let's their significant others know if they are touching by making a red light go on in their "spying" bungalow. Then the O's get to decide what activity the X's are going to do. If they chose the sexy option they get to spy, if they chose the tame option don't. Let's just say the O's really are looking to hurt themselves, as they always pick the sexier option and choose to watch.

Then at the end they do something with tiles that has an 'X' on one and an 'O' on
another. This represents who they want to stay with, but they never really explain this or let us see what they do with these tiles.

This episode kills me. This guy is clearly a cheater. He cheated on his ex with his current girlfriend, and then cheats on his current girlfriend with his ex. Yes... you should be cross-eyed. Anyway, the ex's end up getting back together. You might has guessed this as the first thing he says is something like "My feeling for my ex haven't changed. I still want to bone her."

In short, it's like Jerry Springer in that if you are going to go on this show, be prepared to come back alone. These people are looking for a way out of their relationships. They are looking either to get back
with their ex, or prove their significant other isn't over their ex.

It is very much not like Jerry Springer in that it's good-looking, rich, heterosexual, college kids. Also it turns into some pretty tame softcore porno in the middle of the show.

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-William said...

Since it's on MTV, I've obviously seen it, and I gotta say it is pretty tame. It seems like they're trying REALLY hard to make it appear realistic and unscripted, buuuuut yeah....not hard enough.