Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bravo and a Bruise

Will and I can't get enough of Bravo. They have lots of reality TV, which as an actor I should be against. However, it's very addictive. Also Bravo supports gay rights and the arts so I'm down with them. Anyway all their shows provide excellent character studies. The most entertainment value, however, comes from their competitions. Here they are in order of creation:

PROJECT RUNWAY: The first and the best. Like most TV I get hooked-on, there was a marathon running the first time I saw it. Luckily for me my roommate also loved the show, as well as the people in the costume shop during my practicums.

TOP CHEF: Next and slightly less addictive -- mostly because you can't fully experience food through a television screen. You don't really get to judge the way you can with clothing, or...

TOP DESIGN: Design. This show sucked. Boring people, boring host, and boring challenges.

SHEAR GENIUS: Not so genius. Let's face it. There isn't enough you can do with hair to warrant an entire show. Hopefully, there won't be another attempt at this one.

So why this recap? Well Top Chef Season 3 airs tonight! Yeah! My feeling is that the first season of any reality show is always the best. They don't know what is going to happen, and the people they choose are slightly less cartoony. Regardless of this being the third season, it's something to look forward to watching.

AND I promised a bruise, so here it is:

It looks about 10x worse in person (more red and purpley). I think I kicked myself during rehearsal. Yeah, I'm that girl.


-William said...

I like how you *think* you kicked yourself. You know what're just being coy. ;-)

I missed it!!! I need to get back to my house and watch the rererererun.

Michelle said...

That's how *I* roll.