Tuesday, June 12, 2007


This week I am working with 8th-12th graders for a week long audition workshop. I am in charge of a 30 minutes warm-up, assisting, guiding, and generally assisting. Everything has been pretty chill so far ::knocks on wood::, and the kids are all really sweet.

Leading warm-ups and playing games on the spot has come back just like riding a bike. It's amazing the things you can remember from as far back as 7th grade.

The people we have come in are people who I am currently trying to audition for so really I am getting an extra chance to meet them. I also get to hear their opinions and preferences about business things.

I wasn't so excited about doing camp, but I think it's really the environment I need right now. I am also getting to meet lots of people my age and older who are in the Chicago theatre scene.

I like it when things work out well.

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