Sunday, June 24, 2007


I love my job, and my show, and the people are really great at both. Being busy is fabulous, because I go crazy when nothing is doing. Speaking of which, I had some free time this weekend. Although I had a friend's graduation party, an audition, a bridal show, and had to put up posters - I actually had more free time than usual!

I've had a few free hours to reflect on the past two months.

Unfortunately I feel like all of my relationships are taking a backseat. Granted everyone else is busy too, so even if I was doing nothing it would be hard to see people anyway.

I don't like feeling that seeing people, or calling people is something I need to do-- and that is how I feel right now. Bah. This might come off badly, but I have such limited free time, I really need to use to gather my thoughts and focus on what's next.

On the flip side, I desperately want to talk with everyone in depth, and do nothing but hang out with them all the time. I wish two of my closest friends were here... so move to Skokie, okay? Everyone is so dispersed and in their own worlds. I feel horrible talking to them about any of my problems, when they clearly have lots of their own that I really can't help them with right now.

The sunshine through the clouds: My show goes up in a little over a week. My schedule will relax then. Also, tomorrow is a work day, so I will have no more time for saddies until the weekend.

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