Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Everything is Illuminated

Let me begin by saying that I did not read the book, but that I bet the book is better.

This movie was beautiful. The visual style reminded me of Big Fish only more realistic.

(Everything is Illuminated)
(Big Fish)

The characters were endearing and complex. The movie starts of in a completely different way from how it ends, yet somehow it all works. Every shot was clearly thought-out and every frame was a beautiful picture. The movie deals with WWII and finding your past in a non-melodramatic way that still has a great impact. It's a little slow, but you almost need the extra time to process everything.

The only thing about this movie that bothered me was how much Elijah Wood's character reminded me of his character from Sin City.

(Everything is Illuminated)
(Sin City)

Yeah... creeeepy.

A to the S grade: A
Teacher Comments: Beautiful work - artful and simple. An original way of telling an old story.


-William said...

The book is a little better. The movie deletes 2/3 of the actual book and focuses on the modern times.

Also, you found another Ted Sperling baby...he conducted the film's orchestra. You two are destined to be together.

Michelle said...

I wasn't expecting to really enjoy this movie...but I did, for all the same reasons you did.

A to the S said...

how did i know that this movie would make you two comment on my blog...? i know my audience.

A to the S said...

that's so funny that he did the music! i normally don't think about the soundtrack to a movie, but i definitely noticed it in this one.