Sunday, November 25, 2007

DSG: Reviews

Mostly positive reviews:
TimeOut Chicago

Not-so-positive reviews:
Chicago Critic
Chicago Tribune


Michelle said...

The Chicago Critic review is one of the most poorly-written things I've read in a long time - it was totally wrought with typos and choppy, awkward phrasing!

Also, that he said Michael was "more macho" than Chris (did we see the same play?) but then said Chris wasn't believable as a gay boy. Huh. How does this reviewer even have a job??? And why don't I have a job reviewing plays instead of him?


P.S.--That BroadwayWorld review is great!! Congrats!

A to the S said...

To be fair, he came on our worst show, since we had been away a week from it, but...yeah. He mixed up the Van and Matt characters. He also failed to understand that "kissing a guy, doesn't make a guy gay." I think he missed the whole point of the play, and C.B.'s struggle with finding his identity. Perhaps he is also a bit homophobic.

P.S. Read the critic's bio on his webpage
P.P.S. You should be a reviewer.

Michelle said...

Yes. Hilarious and masturbatory. I assumed this reviewer was like nineteen, not...really old. I love his condescending tone while writing about exposing theatre to his "blue-collar Northwest Side friends." What a bitch.

Wes said...

congratulations congratulations! you are truly following your heart.