Friday, November 2, 2007

Last Days of October - PART 2

So from my experience at McFadden's, I decided that wings are the most annoying accessory to a Halloween costume. And so I began my search for a wingless creation for Wednesday. I decided to make myself into a blue nano, and I got as far as making the wheel and buying the blue clothing, but my boobs made a flat screen kinda difficult. As I began making darts in my gray felt screen, a friend suggested I get a green cardigan and reuse my ladybug costume and go as a watermelon...Brilliant! So I bought a green cardigan at Target and headed down to meet-up with the cast of my show. We dressed up as Charlie Brown characters from "The Great Pumpkin":

I was the ghost with lots of holes cut into the sheet. We marched in the parade and handed out bubble gum cards with our characters on them to advertise for the show. Lots of fun costumes and fire and loud people. It was a great thing to do on a Wednesday night.

When we all met back-up, some bitch spilled her red wine into the bag that had my halloween costume (including the sweater I had JUST bought) in it. She didn't apologize or ask to help me. In fact, she was rude to me about it. The weird thing was there were only eight people or so at this chill apartment party, and no one had anything to drink yet. So, she was just a bitch who ruined my costume.

She must have felt selfconscious about it because five minutes later she stormed out in a huff. After drinking and eating candies, we watched the finale of South Park's "Imagination Land" episode. Then I met-up with some college friends at a bar for a beer and burgers. Overall, a successful Halloween week.


William said...

Glad you had fun!

Also, Sally needs to take a chill pill.

Michelle said...

Sounds fun! The watermelon idea was great. Too bad some d-bag spoiled it for you.