Monday, November 19, 2007

Meet My Boyfriend:

...alright, alright. We all know he's not my boyfriend. However, he maybe should be. He is jewish and has a cooking show called "Good Deal with Dave Lieberman." Hahaha. Of course us Jews have the only cooking show on The Food Network about saving money. Way to perpetuate stereotypes. Awesome.

Seriously, though, he is hot. I think he has a good body under there too. He cooks, he's jew, he seems really sweet, and he's smart (went to Yale). So, basically, if anyone could set me up on a date, or just arrange our wedding, that would be awesome. Cool. Thanks guys.


William said...

As your Life Roommate, I could see us spending the rest of our lives with him.

Michelle said...

He's pretty. I give you both my blessing.

Also, Food Network also has "$40 a Day" with Rachael Ray, which is about saving money. I think she's a goy, despite the Jew-y spelling of her name.

A to the S said...

oh, you are SO right! damn, that rachel ray and her money/time saving ways.