Friday, November 30, 2007

A Night Out: A Post of Links

On Wednesday after work, I got a haircut. That is always fun because I love the guy who cuts it, and I feel like a rock star right afterwards. I drove downtown to the Apollo Theater to see The Sparrow with this guy I met through theatre stuff. My family had two free tickets from an auction somewhere so free plays are always great! The show was really innovative, some very good acting, some okay acting, and some Sufjan inspired original music. At intermission I ran into a few people from Cherubs, which is always fun. Everyone sorta keeps up with everyone which is great because it's all theatre networking stuff.

After the show we headed to i.O. to see "TJ and Dave." Since we had some time to kill we got a beer at Bar Louie next door. I wish I remembered the name of the beer we had cause it was like a better version of a Blue Moon. We sat down and the place was pretty packed. We ordered Duvel, which I didn't really like all that much. It kinda tasted like a more bitter, richer Hoegaarden.

The show was pretty funny, but more importantly Jeff Garlin sat right behind me! I had heard that he was going to be there, and I had just listened to him on the radio that morning. He laughed his distinct laugh through the whole show, and it made it all that much better. Afterwards I told him that I saw him and his movie at the Musicbox and how much I enjoyed it. He seemed genuinely touched that I like his film. So whether or not he did, he was still very nice.

Overall, the night was theatre and beer-filled and it was great. It was also 15 degrees and that sucked.


Il cane di Jack said...

Ciao dalla Sicilia!

A to the S said...

ciao sconosciuto!

Il cane di Jack said...

I am spamming! W la Sicilia!
Tu parli italiano?

A to the S said...

arresti lo "spamming" me!

Il cane di Jack said...

Sorry :-(

Michelle said...

(Re: The above comments):


Also, ulgh. I hated Hoegaarden.

A to the S said...

just having fun with a spammer who happened to be italian.

Il cane di Jack said...

An Italian spammer who do not speak English know:
The trovacose dell'etna

Timmy D said...

For the record, I am joining Michelle in confusion.