Thursday, April 26, 2007

Guilty Pleasure

The Girls Next Door (a.k.a. Hef's girlfriends) - When I first saw this show, I could not believe it was real, as in, really on my television screen. Then I couldn't believe how PG they made it. It's like the Brady Bunch, only Mr. Brady is banging his three adopted girls.

Seriously, though, it's a show about an old sugar daddy and his three young blond sex toys. These girls seem so endearing, and then as you realize what is going on, you begin to hate them. Hef seems to be constantly humoring the girls, which, I guess, what else could you do?

There is something so domestic and normal about the show and how everyone interacts with everyone else. They show girls taking naked pictures together, and that's just a day's work. I wonder how it would be to be surrounded by that kind of thing all the time. Would you get used to it all? What would you still consider shocking?

The three girls are so interesting or rather compelling to watch (yeah, yeah, besides the fact they are beautiful). They are grown-up children playing make-believe with a huge budget. They throw huge theme parties, dress-up, and buy lots of small dogs. It all seems kinda fun and kinda sad.

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