Thursday, April 19, 2007

Virginia Tech Vigil

I went to this Vigil on the quad last night to pay my respects, be a supportive part of my community, and take some time out of my day to think about the horrific tragedy that was the shootings at Virginia Tech.

Unfortunately, this "interfaith" vigil was used as a commercial to join a religion. There were Methodists, Jews, Muslims, etc. All had about 5 minutes in which they explained their own religion, and said a prayer from their faith. The Korean Church played a pop song over speakers, the Jewish woman called the shooting a second Holocaust...seriously, seriously- what the hell is wrong with people? Everyone's speeches were so forced, and the whole thing was so hippie and cheesy. The turn out of students was embarrassingly small.

Luckily, though, the media was there to capture crying faces lit by tea light candles in Dixie cups.

Basically, it reassured me that organized religion is not for me.

P.S. Why did they release that kid's video, and give him what he wanted? Now we got stupid shit like this

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