Sunday, April 1, 2007

The Road Not Taken, or I Am A Living Cliché

I was driving back today from chi-town to the cornfields, and and the sky was blue in front of me and gray behind me. It created this beautiful lighting and these surreal clouds. I have always wanted to go on a long road trip with a few close friends, take pictures, eat shitty food, listen to mixes...ya know that sorta stuff. I am hoping to do something like that this summer. I dunno who or where or when, but I am gonna try to make it happen.

This trip back to Chicago was a reality check. Everyone is seriously asking how I am going to make money. It is the first time I actually felt stupid saying I am going to be an actor. I had to explain I was looking for a day job, apartment, etc. I really had a WTF moment. I mean WTF am I gonna do? I have put myself in a position of never becoming financially stable. I don't have any other real skill either. The only option for the future is to go back and get a teaching certificate. That is slim pickings. I have faith in my talent and work ethic, so I hope the right opportunity presents itself to me.

Luckily, my parents are very supportive emotionally as well as financially. They have been asking me about what other jobs I can do to supplement myself as I start out as an unknown actor in Chicago. I hate the food industry. It is so stressful. I think I need something like, office receptionist or filing or working at a book store. Anyway, I am hoping something unconventional comes up, that will pay me well, and let me make my own hours. That is the ideal anyway...and believe me, I know, unrealistic.

On other note Blades of Glory was much funnier than I expected. Will Arnett is very funny, and I wish there was more of him. Pam, from "The Office" is in it, and is also very good. See it in the theatres. I think an audience helps it out a good deal. I am excited to see Vacancy. I don't like gory movies, and this one looks to be an escape film. I normally don't do well with scary movies, but this one looks promising.


Anonymous said...

I wanna go on a road trip!

-wILLIAm- said...

Blades of Glory was a hoot, but Sam and I said the same thing about Will Arnett. More I tells ya. MORE.

I can't pay the bills yet /
'Cause I have no skills yet.

I'm with you, Songbird.