Thursday, April 5, 2007

Judgement Day

That is one of the funnier bumper stickers I have seen in my lifetime. Seriously, though, there are 2 people in this world. People who "get it", and people who don't. And I have to say, I can only deal with the latter for about 2 hours tops. Let me try to clarify who these people are. Mostly, it refers to a person who focuses on the least important thing- details and never the "big picture." You know, that person, who doesn't know to stop the joke because someone's feelings are getting hurt or what they are saying will get them into trouble? That type of stuff.

In acting class we talk a lot about our habits, and who we are as people as it relates to the work. An interesting concept was being able to "let go" of your personality in order to become great. This was something I had never considered, and I never thought I would have to do. As the class began speaking about what they need to "give-up" in their personality, I started to wonder myself. Just as we were about to change subjects, it hit me. Hard. I have to let go of judging people.

To my surprise, I felt more at ease in rehearsals, and dealing in general with people almost immediately. I am not there fully, or even halfway yet, but at least I am aware of it and trying to change. In general, I have really been trying to take life as it comes, let go of expectations, and trust that everything will turn out alright. I am not being lazy, by any means. I just do the work and trust that I am prepared. Adding stress just does not help any situation, whether you are prepared or not.

Anyway, as of late, I have been beyond stressed. Mostly, dealing with adults who act like children, and young adults that act like young teenagers. Sometimes I just want to shake these people. Sometimes I just wonder what their childhoods were like. Other times I just want to drill a hole in my head...your Yiddish lesson for today is "hole in the head" or LOCH IN KOP. The 'CH' is the throat clearing thing, guys.

So, anyway, I am attempting to find my way back to being at peace again. I have to be disciplined enough to go to a place of "it will be O.K." especially when things get really stressful. Maybe more yoga would help....


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