Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Studio Recording

Today I recorded six songs in a studio with my piano player. It was difficult to manage the time, quality, and quantity, but I am pretty happy with how it all turned out in the end. I would redo one song, and I would fix a part or two in some of the other ones, but overall good!

Anyway, if you want to hear them shoot me an e-mail or check out my acting web page (which I won't post here since it has my contact info on it).

UPDATE: Hey all you stalkers out there! My recital is on YouTube.


-William said...

You're a stah, kid!

-Your biggest fan

2nd biggest fan said...

yeah you'd better not post that here.
firstly cause of all those stalkers you have; second (and most importantly) cause of the subset of those stalkers that happen to have access ONLY to this page and not google.

A to the S said...

am i detecting a smidgen of sarcasm?

a.) you are clearly a stalker
b.) umm...shut-up, you!


2nd biggest fan said...


Anonymous said...

Look, if anyone is going to stalk Anna, clearly it's Michelle and Michelle only. I'll fight you, 2nd Biggest Fan, if that IS your real name...


P.S.--Although I must say, that's some nice sarcasm you got goin' on. You got a bonus point for "OMGZ UR RITE!!"