Friday, April 6, 2007

It's Reefer Madness!!!

In a good way, though! This show is so funny and the songs are fun and catchy. My roommate's production of it was fabulous! His direction brought the fun, wit, and themes to the forefront of the show and it was stellar. I am just beaming with pride. My parents and sister made it in to see it and they loved it as well. The acting and singing are perfectly fit to the style of the piece, and the tech is wonderfully kitchy (sp?). The show is great on its own, but the music adds so much to it, rather than being put on top of it. Anyway, if you read this and live in town, go see it at midnight or tomorrow at 7:30, cause it's awesome and FREE!!! Also, there are brownies.

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-wILLIAm- said...

You are too TOO kind. Love ya, darling.

PS Write whatever you wanna write. Who cares who reads it? It's a good outlet.