Friday, August 31, 2007

A Late Night 2 for 1

No Reservations (for the girls)

This movie looked about as cliché as they come. I decided to see this movie with a female friend of mine, who ended up going to the wrong theatre. So there I sat at 10:30PM alone watching a chick flick. I quite enjoy seeing movies alone, so it was not so bad.

Once again, stupid movie trailers don't give you any idea about the mood or plot of the movie. The trailer made me think: antics in the kitchen, powder sugar and kisses flying everywhere. The movie is was more sad than anything else. It really focuses on Catherine Zeta-Jones and her niece.

The plot points have all been done before, but the dialogue is fresh, and Catherine Zeta-Jones is also quite simple. Not a bad little movie, with a fairy book ending, and lots of crying to get you there.

A to the S grade: B
Teacher Comments: Slightly above average. Needed some more laughs.

Superbad (for the guys)

Guy movie. Funniest/best parts were when the guys just talked to each other. Too much dramatic irony for me... it makes me anxious. Great acting and pictures of penises.

A to the S grade: B+
Teacher Comments: Interesting characters and relationships. Just not my cup of tea.

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