Saturday, August 18, 2007


I watched this movie again tonight. It made me cry - again. I get chills when the girls get their solos, and that ending... anyway, I am going to get the soundtrack. This movie makes you dance and sing and cry. What more do you need?

A to the S grade: A-
Teacher Comments: Excellent story, and passionate singing from everyone. Stronger acting and some better editing could have made this epic.


-William said...

Waterworks, a hoy!

I adore Beyonce's final scene with Jamie Foxx's character. She's so vulnerable, but stands her ground and kicks his ass to the curb. Phew, amazing.

Speaking of Mr. Foxx...not good. Was it just me?

A to the S said...

Yes! I was thinking about her character this time around. Beyonce constructed one complex lady.

Anyway, Jamie was just boring, which in my book is worse than not good.

One more thing - why haven't we discussed this movie more? I feel like you and I have lots of insights to share.

-William said...

I know!

Something to do while we're wandering the streets of New York together....starting TOMORROW!