Sunday, August 19, 2007

My Sister is Amazing

Today I spent to whole day with my sister, Laura. It began with me not being able to fall asleep until 3AM, sleeping through my alarm, and driving to Aurora in the pouring rain. Luckily I made it to her place exactly when I said I would. We went out to lunch where she ordered like a pro: kid's meal with salad instead of fries, with the low-fat or fat-free dressing. She gets an ice cream scoop with it, and she let me share it. Even though there was some left I convinced her to leave without eating it.

We went back to her group home, and she has a new roommate. This girl was very sweet, but not as high functioning as Laura (although she was two years older). I decided we should all play a game together. Laura put in "Family Feud", and then "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" on her computer. The girl could not grasp the questions, or read fast enough. I asked Laura to read the questions out loud so she could at least try to answer... but the girl insisted on reading it herself. This is not so good for timed games.

Anyway, Laura is a wiz at these games and she waited for her to try to answer the questions. She even tried to explain the questions differently for this girl and helped her reach the right answer. It was truly unbelievable. She was so aware of how I was trying to help this girl, that she took it upon herself to help. She wasn't even concerned about clicking in the fastest. She then started explaining all the fun things they do at their group home to get the girl excited. Laura even took time to explain things over again, more clearly, so the girl understood everything.

She is so good with people. She always makes friends, and tries to make people feel comfortable.

So, next we watched part of My Dog Skip, and then we left for Rosemont. Laura was the most excited I have seen her in a while. We were on our way to see... THE WIGGLES!

We got there an hour early, and she didn't want to talk, color, or do anything. She just wanted to wait to see the show. We sat for an hour and then the show began. She made comments about "the beautiful dancing" and the "beautiful costumes." They actually had very talented people and all the performers weren't annoying or sappy. Everything was very well thought-out for kids, and it was a very nice show.

Overall, a very tiring and fulfilling day.


-William said...

This makes me the happiest. I remember Laura's previous trip to see The Wiggles and it makes my heart smile to hear how excited she gets over them. :-)

Michelle said...

Awww. I love Laura. And awesome that she ordered a salad instead of fries - I have to be like forced at gunpoint for that to happen.