Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Spiral Effect

One of many things I've taken from my high school theatre teacher is this concept that involves a 3D spiral. He always reminded us about this concept when we repeated an exercise we had done in previous classes. He used the spiral to explain that although you may come full circle, you are on a higher level. You are now one step up looking down on what you have already accomplished. The idea being that you can always get something new out of everything you repeat.

Luckily for me, theatre and life share a lot of similar concepts. I have been finding that lots of things are beginning over for me once again now that the summer is over. Relationships, family, friends, work, and art are all still essentially the same, but somehow they are also something completely new to me again. Instead of repeating the usual steps, I am happy to look down at what I have already learned and use it to get me up to the next ring.

Things I've learned from...
COLLEGE = relax
SHOWS = take responsibility
WORK = find a mission
FRIENDS = share your passion

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