Saturday, May 12, 2007

Actors Are Crazy

So every audition is basically the same, at least at the level I am at right now.

There is/are...

...the girl "getting into character" or making herself sad for her monologue in the corner.
...the talkative straight guy who doesn't know for what he is auditioning, or what he needed to prepare.
...the uptight gay guy who is all business (unless his girl friend is there, and they chat about how great the other is very loudly).
...the girls in high heels.
...the girls who are women pretending to be girls.
...the girls who are going to let everyone know they aren't nervous by talking to everyone like they know them, and laughing at everything.
...the "normal" people who are semi-relaxed and are genuinely nice.
...the people who know everyone there, including the director.

I've probably been all of these at some point, even the gay guy. Anyway, if you want to go to an audition that's what you can expect to find.

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Anonymous said...

I love this picture. You look like an adorable little monkey.