Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My Basement Bedroom

For those who don't know, I have been moving into my basement while my room is being converted into an office/guest/storage room. This is where we are at right now --

So this is my book shelf right now. I am very exited to have so much space for all my plays, binders, and books. Once I get the TV set-up I will move all the DVDs giving me a whole top shelf:This is my new bed. It's lower to the ground than I planned, but I think it'll work:

Here's my big closet, and the big mess:
Now here is my stuff I need to find a place for:
Here's is everyone's stuff that is a mess and has to go away:

Dang. I am tired and frustrated. I am living out of bags and in two rooms three floors apart. I can't work when my surroundings are so scattered. However, things are moving along and I was optimistic things will be done soon.


-William said...

Everything looks so familiar, yet so misplaced. Everything will straighten itself up soon, Songbird. Congrats on the "new" pad!

2nd biggest fan said...

is there a separate entrance so i can slip out the morning after? or will your parents not mind and we can eat breakfast together?

A to the S said...

you can sneak-out through the garage or stay, and my dad will make us pancakes... and by make us pancakes i mean, make ME pancakes, and beat the shit out of you.

2nd biggest fan said...

out the garage it is then. or you could sneak me some pancakes. or i could go out the garage and then ring the doorbell pretending that i was just stopping by for pancakes.

oh, and not that i'd want to, but i could easily take your dad.

2nd biggest fan said...

especially if he was trying to fight me whilst making pancakes

A to the S said...

doncha be talkin' smack about my dad