Monday, May 28, 2007

Mystery Update

So this person IMed Michelle tonight. It has to be theatergrrrrrrrl who did it mistakenly under her real screen name. They write exactly the same. Seriously, this person sucks as a stalker. I decided to IM her and confuse her a bit.

hey, did you just IM me?
them: Who is this?
me: who is this? didn't you just IM me?
me: this is katie

[this is what theatergrrl told michelle her real name was]

them: No...I am IMing with sunshine15, Lisa Hindrickson.

[sunshine15 wasn't online]

[stephanie's comment:

you can tell she's lying b/c she makes the classic mistake of too much detail
no one would's their sn AND their full real name!]

me: weird
them: Lisa are you fucking with me?

[stephanie's comment: AND....if she's really talking to "Lisa" and suspected her of "fucking with her" she would ask lisa if she's fucking with her on Sunshine15, NOT on the alleged fucking-with sn]

me: no this isn't lisa
them: Okay...
me: seriously not trying to mess you up
me: how funny you have a friend with a similar screen name
them: Okay...thanks for the chat.
me: sorry for the confusion
me: night
them: Sure.

This chick does not know with whom she is dealing. This 7th grade-esque AIM battle has begun.


Michelle said...
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William said...


oh god!!!! really, i'm gonna have the creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeps tonight. i love you all. this'll be straightened out.

Expatriette said...

I am so proud to have my brilliant detective work is featured here!!!

It's rather sad, but I secretly wish that Theatergrrrl would have talked to me... I have been the overly-enthusiastic parent on the sideline. Except it's not's...stalker.

A to the S said...

oh yes, full credit for all great detective work is documented on this blog. keep up the good work!