Wednesday, May 23, 2007

They Always Find Me

This happened today:

Great name.
me: excuse me?
me: i'm sorry who is this?
theatergrrrrrrl: I just signed up and I was going to use it and could not and thought I would IM the person who had it and give them props.
theatergrrrrrrl: Well done, just being nice.
me: Oh okay
me: you IMed me the other day right?

[F.Y.I. - I got an IM yesterday saying "Do I know you?"]

theatergrrrrrrl: Same story.
theatergrrrrrrl: Yes.
me: oh okay
me: well thanks, it's from about 10 years ago
theatergrrrrrrl:How did you come up with it?
me: just some friend joke
theatergrrrrrrl:I don't have many im "friends" so I thought it was funny with the name and all and thought I would get in touch.
theatergrrrrrrl: I like your sm. pict. in the corner.
me: thanks
me: okay i have to go
theatergrrrl: Okay, sorry to bother you.
me: nice talking to you
me: bye

Of course they were a theatre person. I thought it might be one of my campers from last summer, but they didn't say they sounds like they made this all up...this stuff always happens to me. Welcome to my world.


Anonymous said...



I was in the shower and she had already signed off by the time I got back to my comp. I

TheaterGrrrl: Hey, you always have such great "aways" ... were you on Jeopardy?

(Referencing my lame "Jeopardy!" buddy icon)

Weird. Very weird. I'm almost positive the person who IMed me only had three "r"s in "Grrrl" and spelled "Theater" the American way, although it's hard to remember exactly. MAYBE WE HAVE A STALKER?!?

(This is Michelle, obvi...who else would have a "Jeopardy!" icon and be excited about having a stalker?)

A to the S said...

okay, serisously? this must be william in disguise.

-William said...

I SWEAR IT'S NOT!!! I only wish I could have thought of something as funny, but I wouldn't wanna give you two the willies. I'm glad this isn't happening on campus 'cause the door would be constantly chain-locked.

I secretly think it's Michelle...or Marko.

Anonymous said...

Bwah! It's not me, you fool!