Monday, May 28, 2007

Chicks Are Crazy

I will let Michelle blog to the world about her mastery detective work. Let me just say that I am in shock. I thought, for sure, this was a mutual friend playing a joke on us because it was executed so poorly. It was not, however. It was a person who wanted information about Michelle in a personal way.

I can't believe for a second that this person wouldn't think:

1.) Michelle and I wouldn't talk to each other.
2.) Michelle and I wouldn't figure out that the same random person was lying to us about why they contacted us. (i.e. she liked my screen name, and she met Michelle at a theatre conference).

Seriously, this was like middle school. Like I said initially, I thought it was one of my campers, which means 2nd-6th grade.

The lies piled up, and it was clear from her second sentence that she was lying. Did she really think we thought she was for real? If so, then I really feel bad for her. To be honest, I think she did.

I'll link to Michelle if she posts more about who, and the crazy circle of lies and hacking that were involved. All I know is this was intensely insane.


-William said...

So after her explaination about "hacking," that turned out to be a lie too?

A to the S said...

Well, why would someone hack tyler's account, and randomly pick HER screen name to hack. Then after this person hacked her AOL account, they happen to IM only Michelle and Me from Tyler's account? That all makes no sense. Also, the content which she talked about was not that of a hacker.

I think she hacked Tyler's account, and got our SNs.

-William said...

::bites finger nails::

Anonymous said...

you girls are big nerds