Friday, May 11, 2007

Seasons of Love

Let's travel back to where it all began...

The Surreal Life 3: Just when reality TV was surely reaching it's absurdity peak, along came this crazy season of celebrities living together. This is when many people, white people, were first introduced to Mr. Flavor Flav (shown below). He was not real. How could this man exist in reality. Luckily for us VH1 was smart enough to acknowledge this in the show's title.
Just when this guy could not get any weirder, he met and fell in love with Bridgette Nielsen (I found about 4 different spellings for her name. Just know that it is pronounced with a European arrogance). Now, she is for sure the more mental of the two... mostly because she is from Denmark. Once the romance ignited on the show, they got their own spin-off called, aptly enough, "Strange Love."Well, needless to say, things didn't work out for the couple. Flavor's audience didn't respond well to the gigantic Aryan trying to dance on the stage with Public Enemy. In turn, Bridgette's friends didn't take to Flavor's manners and his musical styling at dinner. Don't fear, Flavor continued his search for love with his own show "Flavor of Love." Note: I refer to him as "Flavor of Life" in my everyday life.So again, the only people more crazy than Flav were the girls that were fighting to be with him. He is about 48 years-old, has 6 children with different women, and has been in jail. Great catch ladies. He narrowed it down to Hoopz (below left) and New York (below right). Oh, yeah, he gave them all nicknames because he couldn't remember their real ones -- how romantic. He ended up with Hoopz, and things didn't work out for them either. Will Flav ever find love?He sure tries! He has a "Flavor of Love 2" where New York makes it back to the final 2. He choses the other girl, who I don't remember, and I imagine that didn't work out either. Call me a pessimist. So Flavor is done, but wait there are more spin-offs, much much more!

There's "I Love New York" where New York gets to pick her man and "Flavor of Love: Charm School" where host Mo'Nique (warning: link has music) helps past contestants get some class by sending them to boot camp, and making them wear slutty school girl outfits.

People, this needs to stop. Okay... I admit I was eerily drawn to "Flavor of Love,"... okay obsessed, but now it is over - or rather it NEEDS to be over. However, my friends, it is NOT over! There is now coming an "I Love New York 2," which means 7 shows! Seriously, VH1, it's getting old.


-William said...

Premise 1) Wait, I'm white?
Premise 2) If you don't watch "I Love New York 2," who will I be able to e-mail about this week's latest elimination? :-(
Premise 3) Slightly unrelated, you NEED to watch "Top Chef 3" over the summer. It starts June 6, but I'll be in New York. You'll need to keep me updated.

A to the S said...

1) yes
2) i will try, but that show is so boring... it's like Jerry Springer with less of a plot.
3) bravo reality show = i am there!
because even if it's bad, it is still pretty to watch